Deanna (DeDe) Miller ’19

What was your Northwestern experience like?

My time at Northwestern College has definitely been a very positive experience all around. I’m so happy that I decided to get my BSN and that I chose a Christian college like Northwestern. I've had the pleasure of learning under a wonderful group of professors and met a lot of nice students in a Christian environment. It has been a joy. It’s challenging at times, but very rewarding.

Why choose a faith-based program?

Attending a Christian college with so many wonderful people has truly enhanced my faith in God and shown me what it’s like to be a Christian nurse, promoting Shalom – peace and healing in my practice. I will forever be grateful for Northwestern College. Growing in my role as a Christian nurse has been the best experience I could have ever had.

What impact has your Northwestern program had on your career and practice as a nurse?

Professionally I have learned SO much more about the nursing field. The program has had such an impact on my outlook, my career and the importance of being a Christian nurse. My nursing skills have grown immensely. I’ve have gained more confidence in myself and my critical thinking skills.

Getting your BSN also shows your employer how serious you are about being a nurse and how hard you are willing to work at what you’re passionate about. I have gained a greater level of credibility with my employer, showing I am willing and able to further my education, and for the future, I am proving I am able to handle a higher level of responsibility and leadership roles.

What advice might you give someone considering the RN-BSN program?

Go for it!
The RN-BSN program at Northwestern is wonderful and the cost is reasonable. You can take one or two 8 week classes at a time for 2 years, and the schedule runs so smoothly that you can still work full-time. The professors are awesome and help you every step of the way. They care about you and want you to succeed.