Cherryll Mann ’17

Career as Caretaker

Why did you want to become a nurse?

The natural role I undertook in my family was the caretaker.  I wanted to care for everyone and make their life just a little easier.  My career in the healthcare profession began as a certified nurse’s aide. I wanted to do more so I kept pursuing the healthcare profession until I reached my goal as a Nurse. Working as a nurse is one of the most mentally and physically challenging professions but also the most rewarding. There are a variety of opportunities in Nursing - I have worked as a staff nurse to Director of Nurses and everything in between! The most rewarding part of my job is when you see the difference you have made in someone’s life.  It can be either relieving the stress in the various transitions of a surgical patient and/or relieving stress for their family. 

As a working RN, why did you choose to earn your BSN?

I chose to earn my BSN after 25+ years working as an Associate degree RN to keep myself marketable in the healthcare profession. I could feel the pressures in the healthcare field and the importance of obtaining my BSN for opportunities in today's job market.

What did you appreciate about your program?

What I valued the most about Northwestern’s program is the compassion of the professors. They make themselves available to students at any time and respond quickly to questions and assignments. The instructors truly practiced the theory that ‘no question is a dumb question’. I also valued the close friendships that were made with other online students.

What advice or encouragement would you give someone interested in pursuing an RN to BSN program?

I would encourage the non-traditional student not to be afraid to pursue their education.  Your advisor and instructors are not wanting to see you fail, but rather, pick you up and give you all the resources needed to be successful. For the RN’s who just completed their Associates, continue on and obtain their BSN. When you're in the program: 

  • Do not be afraid to network with your fellow online classmates. They are in the same situation as you!
  • Northwestern College has fabulous resources that are available to students. I would suggest getting to know the writing center and the librarian. 
  • Pray to God and go to church.  This may sound strange for someone to tell you to go to church.  Sometimes during the sermon, you feel God is talking to just you.  He could be giving you encouragement to not give up or giving you the direction you need to write your next paper.