Alyssa Fedders ’22

Providing the best care

As a nurse in the Emergency Department and on the Medical-Surgical Floor of a critical access hospital (Hegg Health Center in Rock Valley, IA), Alyssa has grown in her abilities and passion to provide the best care to her patients.

My experience at Northwestern has been amazing. The professors were always helpful, and they genuinely cared about my success.

The online classes allowed me to connect with many people from different places and with different experiences, which enriched the learning environment in our discussions.


Have you grown through your Northwestern classes?

The classes at Northwestern have allowed me to grow professionally. They provided the resources and the knowledge I need to offer better care for my patients. I have grown as a person because the classes at Northwestern have opened my eyes to see how the hand of God is in everything. They have allowed me to grow into a better friend, nurse, and Child of God.

Has your Northwestern degree had an impact on your career?

The education that I received from Northwestern has impacted my career in a positive way. The RN to BSN program has given me the knowledge that I need to provide better care for my patients. I expect my education to continue to impact me as I move forward in my career not only in the job I currently have, but also in any other job after this one. The knowledge I have received is something that I plan to carry into my practice in whatever area of healthcare that I am in.


I encourage RNs definitely to complete this program! It challenges you to change your way of thinking and pushes you to become the best Christian nurse that you can be.