Michelle Zirkel ’22
Michelle Zirkel, B.A. Early Childhood

Professional growth for new opportunities

Working as a long-term substitute teacher, Michelle was able to immediately apply what she was learning in her online classes to teaching and inspiring her own students.

Attending Northwestern was a positive and rewarding experience. 
The classes were set up in an easily accessible format and the staff worked hard to accommodate my individual needs and interests. Taking classes in Northwestern's online format gave me the opportunity to keep my work and family life stable while also interacting with people online from different places and backgrounds.  


Have you grown through your Northwestern classes?

Professionally, I have grown by leaps and bounds in the field of education. Working as a substitute teacher while I was earning my degree helped me gain experiences that directly related to what I was learning. I gained an appreciation for the uniqueness of individuals and an overall feeling of acceptance within the diversity of an online classroom. I have also discovered that I am capable of more, professionally and personally, than I ever imagined. I have left the program a more confident, kind and resilient person than when I began. 

Has your Northwestern degree had an impact on your career?

Northwestern has given me the accreditation I need to gain the full-time employment I desire. My bachelor's degree is a solid stepping stone to achieving my dream of gaining my teaching degree.