A Northwestern student and professor meet with a NEXT program participant.

NEXT costs program fees, room & board


Program fees (includes the fees to audit a course) $10,750
Room & board (depends on hall placement) $10,300 to $11,500
Technology fee $300
TOTAL out-of-pocket cost $21,350 to $22,550


NOTE: Some fees only apply when used or are specific to a semester. The following fees will be added to the total out-of-pocket cost for the respective semester:

  • Graduation fee (same semester of graduation)
  • Lab fees for art, kinesiology, nursing or science courses (the cost to audit a course is included in program fees, but the student is responsible for any fees associated with the course lecture or lab)

Because Northwestern NEXT is a comprehensive transition program (CTP), students are eligible to complete the FAFSA and qualify for a Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant and/or federally funded work-study position.