Theatre Production Scholarship

To apply:

  1. Complete the form below.
  2. Give the recommendation form link to a person who knows your ability in theatre.
  3. Interview
    • To schedule your interview, contact the theatre department at or 712-707-7341.
    • Interview by choosing one of the following options:
      • Prepare a performance lasting 30 to 90 seconds. Please feel free to present something you've already prepared, a monologue from a show you were recently in, or a reading from one of our selected monologues.
      • Interview based on your technical design or stage management. Bring renderings, photographs or a prompt book.
      • Interview based on your playwriting ability. Bring a brief sample of your work.
    • Although it is strongly recommended to interview in person, you may mail examples of your work, prepare a recorded video, or interview via Zoom.

Application deadlines are Dec. 31 and March 31. Awards will be granted following each deadline. Those meeting the earlier deadline will have the best chance to receive a scholarship. Applications sent following the March 31 deadline will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis as long as funds are available. The Theatre Production Scholarship is renewable, and awards are evaluated on a yearly basis.

What is the Theatre Production Scholarship? A monetary award based on your skill, experience and plans to become actively involved in theatre productions at Northwestern.

Who is eligible for the Theatre Production Scholarship? Anyone who completes the application process and has been accepted for admission to Northwestern will be considered. Awards are given to those with experience in one or more areas of theatre, including acting, playwriting, scenery, lighting, costuming, properties, directing, stage management, or house management. Recipients are determined by department faculty, who evaluate the audition/interview and application.

What is expected of Theatre Production Scholarship recipients? Involvement at some level in every production in our department is necessary. You must also register for the course, Theatre Production Ensemble, and work at least 90 hours each semester in some area of theatrical production.

How many people receive this scholarship? We have approximately 60 students who currently have Theatre Production Scholarships. We are currently seeking 20 candidates for scholarships for the next academic year.

Do I have to be a theatre major to receive a Theatre Production Scholarship? No. Many students from other majors are involved in theatre productions at Northwestern.

How do I start the process? You must first be accepted to Northwestern. After that, you should complete the application for the Theatre Production Scholarship. Complete the form and have someone who knows your theatre work complete the reference form. Then contact the Northwestern theatre department to schedule an audition or interview.

What should I do for the interview? Actors should prepare a performance lasting 30 to 90 seconds. If you do not wish to audition as an actor, you may interview based on your technical design or stage management (bring renderings, photographs or a prompt book). It is also possible to interview based on your playwriting ability (bring a brief sample of your work). If you live too far from campus, you may arrange a time to interview via Zoom or another digital meeting platform.

What are the deadlines? Decisions will be made following Dec. 1 and again after March 1. If you can have your application completed before Dec. 1, you will have the best opportunity to receive an award. Applications will be accepted after the March 1 deadline but will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis as long as funds are available.

Who should I contact with questions or to set up an appointment?
Jodi Grant, Theatre Secretary

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