Step 3Submit your enrollment deposit

After you are accepted for admission and have filed your CSS Profile—or notified Northwestern's intercultural development office that you don't intend to file a CSS Profile—you will receive a Financial Certification Form summarizing your estimated costs and institutional aid for the year.

To enroll and receive the Form I-20 that you will need to apply for an F-1 Student Visa, you will need to provide Northwestern with the following:

  1. Your Financial Certification Form 
    Sign your Financial Certification Form and return it to the intercultural development office.

  2. Financial documents
    Acquire and make copies of original financial documents that verify you have sufficient funds available for at least your first year of study. 
    • Your documentation can be a recent bank statement or a letter from your bank that states a specific amount in your account. (Letters that simply state that you have sufficient funds without specifying an amount are not acceptable.) 
    • If you are depending on a sponsor who is not a family member, we will need a signed statement from them that specifies the amount they expect to provide for your studies each year, with supporting bank statements.
    • Scan and email Northwestern copies of your financial documents and keep the original documents to present at your visa interview. Send them to

  3. Your $5,000 deposit  
    Your deposit includes a $200 housing deposit and $4,800 for your first Northwestern College payment. If you are in the United States, you can send a check to the Northwestern College Business Office, 101 7th Street SW, Orange City, 51041.

    If you live outside the United States, Northwestern has partnered with Flywire to provide international students with an easy and secure method to make international payments. As the leading payments processor for educational institutions all over the world, Flywire delivers students' tuition payments quickly, easily and securely.

    To ensure that your student account is properly credited in a timely fashion, please click the following link to initiate your payment: