International StudentsApply for admission

The first step in becoming an international student at Northwestern College is to apply for admission—a process that involves providing the admissions office with three things:

  1. Your completed online Admission Application for International Students .
    Applications should be submitted by May 15 for the following fall semester. However, to receive priority financial aid consideration, submit your application by  March 1.

    Applications for spring semester, which begins in January, should be received by mid-October.

  2. Your academic transcript evaluations. Arrange for official evaluations of your high school and any higher education credits to be sent to Northwestern College through International Credential Evaluations (InCred) – “Basic Evaluation” if you have only high school credits, and “Course-by-Course Evaluation” for transfer of any higher education credits. If you have already completed an evaluation with another recognized agency, ask us if that is acceptable.
  3. Results of your college entrance exam and/or English proficiency test.
    If you achieve an admissible score on a college entrance exam, then no additional English proficiency test is required. Northwestern accepts test scores from the following college entrance exams:

    Due to the limited availability of standardized testing during the COVID-19 pandemic, native English speakers can be accepted with an admissible transcript evaluation (with a maximum academic scholarship of up to $13,000). Non-native English speakers with no admissible college entrance test must provide an admissible English proficiency test:

Please note:

  • Once your application file is complete, we will review it and reply with an admission decision. You can expect to receive our decision--or a request for follow-up information, if needed--via email within two weeks of completing your application.
  • Any applicable academic scholarship that you are eligible to receive if you enroll at Northwestern College will be included in your acceptance letter.
  • If accepted, you will also receive a link to an online International Student Housing Application. Priority for housing requests is not granted until your deposit has been paid.