Beth LeTendre Oolman Instructor in Education


M.S.E., Southwest Minnesota State University
B.A., Augustana University

712-441-0719 (personal cell)

Beth LeTendre Oolman has taught 8th grade language arts since 1989 for MOC-Floyd Valley Schools in Orange City. In addition, she team-taught American History to 8th graders for 21 years. She graduated from Augustana University with a bachelor's degree in English and education and then earned a master's degree in education from Southwest Minnesota State University. In addition to teaching at Northwestern College, she has served as an adjunct instructor in both the undergraduate and graduate education departments at Buena Vista University and Morningside University. She specializes in middle school endorsement courses.

EDU203 - Early Field Experience-Middle School

(1 credit) This course requires 30 clock-hours of field experience with a certified teacher in an area middle school. Prerequisite: EDU102. Note: Graded on a pass/no pass basis.

EDU221 - Growth and Development of the Middle School Aged Student

(3 credits, alternate years, consult department) The middle school growth and development primarily embraces the knowledge of the learner component of the professional knowledge base with concentration, identification and comprehension of the physical, psychosocial, and cognitive characteristics of the middle school aged student. This course includes a 5 hour field experience.

EDU312 - Middle School Methods and Curriculum

(3 credits, alternate years, consult department) This course focuses on the philosophy of the middle school, organization of the curriculum, effective teaching strategies, and assessment. This course includes a 5 hour field experience. Prerequisite: junior class standing.