Tamara Fynaardt

Tamara Fynaardt Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing


Renville, Minnesota

Central Minnesota Christian School; Dordt University, bachelor’s degree in English teaching; Northern Illinois University, master’s degree in English

My family 
My husband, Keith, is a professor in Northwestern’s English department. Our sons, Kit and Gideon, are a senior and freshman at Northwestern. We’re a proud Raider Nation family!

Favorite place to visit 
Any used-book store, but especially Jackson Street Booksellers in Omaha. I also like junk stores and flea markets. Also, Trini’s Mexican Restaurant in Omaha’s Old Market District.

In my spare time 
My family and I all enjoy reading, writing, and acreage hobbies like growing our own food, chopping our own firewood, and other simple-living pleasures like reflective porch-sitting. I also re-watch The Office every winter and Parks and Recreation every summer.

Fun fact 
My high school cheerleading squad still has the biggest trophy in the high school trophy case.

Favorite thing about Northwestern 
I. LOVE. THIS. PLACE. The community is second-to-none. The academics are exceptional. The facilities are awesome. #RaidersStandOut

College search advice 
Whatever you’re wondering or worried about when it comes to the college search and decision, ask your admissions counselor. They’re your advocate. They care about you.