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Alayna Bergt

Alayna Bergt

Hometown:  Lincoln, Nebraska
Advice to NWC students: Be present with the people around you, and take advantage of the opportunities to pursue your interests and get involved on campus and in the community.
Career goals: My career goal is to work in event operations or marketing in a sports setting.

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Evyn Eblen

Evyn Eblen

Hometown:  Treynor, Iowa
Advice to NWC students: Take advantage of your time here to get involved and create good relationships, because you will never have another community like this. And remember not to stress over the little things. Life goes on.
Career goals: I hope to obtain a master’s degree or doctorate in clinical or counseling psychology and become a psychologist.

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Delaney Iseminger

Delaney Iseminger

Hometown:  Kingsley, Iowa
Advice to NWC students: Take advantage of every opportunity that is given to you. College is only a few short years of our lives. We should all make the most out of it.
Career goals: My career goal is to become a CEO of a company.

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Lindsey Jacobsma

Lindsey Jacobsma

Hometown:  Orange City, Iowa
Advice to NWC students: School is important, and you should work hard—but make sure you take the time to build relationships and make memories with friends. You only get this time once. Live it to the fullest!
Career goals: My current career goals are to either run my own real estate business or work in private accounting.

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Elise Osman

Elise Osman

Hometown:  Iowa Falls, Iowa
Advice to NWC students: Your time at Northwestern goes by so fast, so don’t take it for granted! Get involved and take advantage of all of the opportunities available to you. You won’t regret investing in relationships with other students, faculty, staff and community members.
Career goals: To work for a nonprofit in communications or a marketing agency.

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Noah Roisum

Noah Roisum

Hometown:  Rapid City, South Dakota
Advice to NWC students: Make the most of your college experience and the opportunities you are given. Go to events and activities to meet people, connect and grow. Take advantage of the all the resources Northwestern offers—you won't regret being more prepared spiritually, mentally, relationally and professionally for the future!
Career goals: I would like to work for the State Department or another organization that does work in international relations.

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