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Alayna Bergt

Alayna Bergt

Hometown:  Lincoln, Nebraska
Advice to NWC students: Take advantage of all the great opportunities you have as a student at Northwestern. Get involved and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, because that helps you grow as a person!
Career goals: To work in marketing or event planning for a sports organization.

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Elise Osman

Elise Osman

Hometown:  Iowa Falls, Iowa
Advice to NWC students: Find a way or method that works best for you when it comes to studying and time management, since it’s not the same for everyone. Make sure you keep up with your schoolwork, but set time aside for friends and other activities that you want to be involved in.
Career goals: I hope to work for a company or business in social media marketing and management.

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Noah Roisum

Noah Roisum

Hometown:  Rapid City, South Dakota
Advice to NWC students: Find ways to get involved on campus and make friends within several different spheres. College is a great time to try new things and get outside of your comfort zone. Work hard on your schoolwork, but practice effective time management so you can spend time doing things you enjoy.
Career goals: I would love to work on the international stage, which could include being a foreign service officer with the State Department or different roles within international law, international trade, global ministries, or various federal government agencies.

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Jack Roisum

Jack Roisum

Hometown:  Rapid City, South Dakota
Advice to NWC students: Don’t take your time at NWC for granted. You’ll form friendships and relationships that will last the rest of your life. Be involved with as much as possible!
Career goals: I hope to secure a stable job in the business finance world and possibly own my own business someday.

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Dylann Van Berkum

Dylann Van Berkum

Hometown:  Rock Rapids, Iowa
Advice to NWC students: Absolutely get involved. This is most likely your last chance in life to experience all different kinds of activities and environments.
Career goals: To graduate with a degree in elementary education and endorsements in reading and coaching, then work toward a master’s degree in educational administration while teaching 3rd graders.

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Teagen Vander Waal

Teagen Vander Waal

Hometown:  Pella, Iowa
Advice to NWC students: Enjoy and invest in the students, faculty and staff around you. So many people here are not just willing, but excited, to pour into and invest in you. Be sure to take advantage of the incredible relationships this community offers!
Career goals: To own and operate my own business that is profitable and shows the community the love of Christ.

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