Launch programs

The center offers the following signature programs and resources:

Accelerate Siouxland is a regional leadership development program that familiarizes community members with Siouxland’s vast resources (natural, human, economic, political, religious and ideological) to spark new connections and ideas that enhance the well-being of area residents and their communities. Participants become informed citizens of Siouxland and take on a practical project designed to benefit the region.

Accelerate Siouxland Application


Learner to Leader curriculum and mentoring programs connect visionary students with innovative role models. The program helps students understand how communities work, teaches them leadership and workplace skills, and—using the region as a learning lab—invites them to imagine what a life in Siouxland might look like.


Research & Consultancy services enable organizations to access the opinions and ideas of college students. In addition, problem-solving consultancies, supervised by faculty/staff members, aid in organizational research, assessments, and development of products or services.

The Entrepreneur/Business Leader in Residence program connects experienced and emerging leaders, both in the classroom and community, to help further ideas and opportunities.

Our Innovation Sandbox is an inspiring campus laboratory that enables students and organizational leaders to engage in collaborative brainstorming, inventing and problem-solving.