Colenbrander Hall residents participating a Coly Olympics event

Colenbrander Hall


Built in 1960, Colenbrander Hall—nicknamed “Coly”—houses 215 men. Hall traditions include the Coly Christmas Bash and Coly Olympics.

"At Northwestern, I've learned what real brotherhood is. It's living with some of the best friends you'll ever have'." Jimmy Tidmore, Colenbrander Hall

Cody Hughes , resident director

  • 3 floors/100 rooms
  • 2 students/room, shared bathrooms
  • 11'6" x 16'6" rooms with cinder block walls and tile floor ( room dimensions and furniture layout)
  • Bunk beds, closets, dressers, desks/chairs, bookshelves
  • Coin-operated laundry and community kitchen (students required to have a cafeteria meal plan)
  • Study and computer lounges
  • TV lounge with cable, game room