Dr. Erin Mueller Professor of Psychology


Ph.D., Brigham Young University
B.A., University of Northern Iowa

VPH 211C

Dr. Mueller has been teaching psychology since 2007 after practicing for 10 years as a clinical psychologist. She is a licensed psychologist in the states of Iowa and Oregon and has worked in hospital, school, community mental health, and applied research settings, primarily focusing on children and families. Dr. Mueller has taught a variety of courses across the psychology curriculum while engaging in scholarship of her own and with students. At her former institution, she directed the Honors Program and received an award for service to students. An active researcher and presenter, her most recent work has focused on meaning in life, both cross-culturally and developmentally. She has traveled abroad with students to South Africa, Ireland, France and Haiti. Dr. Mueller enjoys drawing upon her diverse experiences in the clinical and research realms when she teaches her students.

PSY221SS - Developmental Psychology: Childhood

(4 credits)(IGE option under Self and Society) This course explores the development of the child from the prenatal period into adolescence. Children's physical, cognitive, emotional, personality, social, moral and faith development is examined. Psychological research methods for studying children are covered.

PSY224 - Developmental Psychology: Adolescence

Adolescents experience many changes in a few short years as they transition from childhood to adulthood. This course explores the major psychological issues and theories in adolescent development with emphasis on cognitive development, self-concept, peer relationships and sexuality, among others.(4 credits)

PSY250CC - Cross-Cultural Psychology

(4 credits)(IGE option under Cross-Cultural Engagement) As human beings we live our lives within the context of culture. Although many aspects of human life are similar across cultures, differences are also evident in a variety of dimensions. In this course we examine the ways humans differ across cultures and how culture impacts the way humans think and feel, as well as the way culture changes how we understand ourselves and our stories. Christian faith requires love and respect for others in the midst of the challenges culture can present. Ways Christians can learn from and love others will be discussed.