RN to BSN program requirements

credits 30 (min.) | cost/credit $325 (Fall 2019 $335) | total tuition $10,050 (30 cr.) | completion 1.5 to 2 years (4 to 6 semesters) 

Earn your BSN online.  Northwestern's online RN to BSN degree completion option enables registered nurses to complete your BSN coursework from anywhere and at any time. This means you choose when to log in for class and complete assignments by their deadlines. You will have support from an online community of peers, experienced instructors and available tutors.  
It's the Northwestern difference.

100% online. 8-week courses. Go at your pace.

Take one online 8-week class at a time, completing two classes each semester, and you'll finish your BSN in 2 years or less and be eligible for financial aid.

Transfer credit and work experience

Easily transfer your Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) or hospital diploma including general education courses toward your BSN requirements. Only the last  30 credits of your BSN must be completed through Northwestern.

Northwestern grants up to 66 credits to working nurses with confirmation of 7 years RN experience along with an ADN degree or hospital diploma. Requesting a free transfer review will show you how many courses you have left to complete your BSN.

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Your BSN clinical requirements will be tailored to your schedule. Most can be completed at your workplace and enable you to explore other areas of nursing and leadership. Practicum hours are integrated into courses through a digital simulation. 

Course Requirements

RN-BSN nursing courses (22 credits) 
Required cognates accepted as transfer credits or taken online at Northwestern (20 credits) 
Liberal arts elective courses accepted as transfer credits or taken online at Northwestern (22 credits) 
Total credits (64 credits)

RN-BSN nursing courses (22 credits)

NUR 310 - Shalom and Nursing Science (bridge course)
No course description available.
NUR 280 - Lifespan Health Assessment
(3 credits, 2:1)Based on a Christian worldview, this course provides an opportunity for students to develop their understanding and use of the nursing process, with a focus on the relationship development and assessment phases. Informed by a Christian world view, emphasi s is placed on performing holistic assessment of pediatric and adult clients including the physiological, psychological, sociocultural, spiritual and moral/ethical dimensions. Laboratory practice precedes clinical application in a variety of health care a nd community settings. In the clinical component, students develop aptitudes in relationship development and holistic assessment of pediatric and adult individual clients to develop clinical judgment and promote shalom. Prerequisite: Admission to the BSN program. Concurrent requisite: NUR220. A fee is associated with this course.
NUR 350 - Promoting Shalom with Cross Cultural Populations
No course description available.
NUR 420 - Nursing Science and Informatics
Based on a Christian worldview, this course examines the epistemological (theoretical, scientific and ethical) foundation of nursing as a human science, specifically as an approach to promote shalom and social justice. It surveys the types, methods and uses of research and informatics to enhance client outcomes and to deliver holistic nursing care for all clients and at all levels of prevention. The course emphasizes the knowledge and aptitudes needed by professional nurses to manage and utilize health care information and related technologies, critically evaluate research studies and integrate evidence in all phases of the nursing process. In the practicum, students analyze a variety of health care technologies and present an evidence-based practice project. Prerequisites: Nursing major with senior class standing, ENG184/288, KIN370, MAT208 and SOC101. Concurrent requisite: NUR440. (3 credits, 2:1)
NUR 440 - Promoting Shalom with Diverse Populations
(3 credits 3:2)Based on a Christian worldview, this course examines the theoretical and scientific basis for the application of the nursing process with diverse families and groups in the community. All levels of prevention are considered, focusing on health promotion a nd maintenance. Grounded in a synthesis of public health and nursing science and arts, the course emphasizes nursing as a healing ministry, human science and performing art to promote shalom and enhance the health of the population as a whole. The clinica l component provides an opportunity for nursing practice in the community, assisting students to integrate knowledge, aptitudes and compassionate care in living the three nursing practice dimensions with families and groups. Learning experiences include s ervice-learning, faith reflection and clinical experiences. This course is 1 of 2 speech intensive nursing courses. Prerequisites: Nursing major with senior class standing, ENG184/288, KIN370, NUR350 and SOC101. Concurrent requisite: NUR420. (5 credits, 3 :2)
NUR 460 - Nursing Leadership and Clinical Scholarship
No course description available.
NUR 490 - Living Shalom
No course description available.

General education courses (20 credits)

Accepted as transfer credits or taken online at Northwestern
SOC 101 - Principles of Sociology
No course description available.
MAT 208 - Biostatistics
No course description available.
BIO 360 - Pathophysiology
An introduction to the pathophysiology associated with the disease states of the human body. The focus of the course will be on disruptions in homeostasis as the result of organ system malfunction or failure. The pathophysiology associated with the following systems will be examined: blood, cells and cell growth, nervous, muscle, cardiovascular, endocrine, respiratory, renal, reproductive and gastrointestinal. Prerequisites: BIO122 or 222 and CHE102 or 112. (4 credits)
CHE 108 - College Chemistry
No course description available.
PHI 214 - Contemporary Moral Issues (Ethics)
No course description available.

Elective courses (22 credits)

Accepted as transfer credits or taken online at Northwestern
Biblical and theological studies (4)
History, literature or philosophy (4)
Language or cross cultural (4)
Fine arts (4)
General Elective(s) (4)

Total credits required: 57 - 63

Minimum Northwestern credits: 30