Music Performance

The music performance program prepares you for graduate study and for employment as a professional musician.

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Recommended courses

Class or private instruction in major area of performance (6 credits)
MUS 312 - Counterpoint
The study of species counterpoint and 18th century fugues.Prerequisite: MUS211.(2 credits, alternate years, consult department)
MUS 325 - Recital
This course is to be taken along with one credit of applied instruction during the semester in which the degree recital is given. The student will be required to select music of representative styles and periods, research and write program notes, pass the pre-recital jury one month prior to the recital, and give the public performance.Prerequisite: junior class standing or after four semesters of applied study.(1 credit)
MUS 398 - Directed Study
Choose six credits from the following: (One credit must be a Literature course)
MUS 115AE - Music of the Church
(3 credits) (IGE option under Aesthetic Experience) This course provides an introduction to the fascinating and frustrating history of how Christians have used, created, manipulated, or avoided music in their worship of God. Although each of us comes from our own denominational, geographical, and cultural backgrounds, we will seek to understand the whole historical sweep of Christian church music, as well as our own place in that history.
MUS 116 - Jazz Exploration and Understanding
This course will explore the development, history and music of jazz from its roots to today. Students will learn how culture has affected its development and how it has impacted and changed culture. Students will look closely at the music and those who have been leaders in its development. This multimedia course will focus on an aural and a historical understanding of the nature of the creative process in jazz within the context of a Christian perspective.(3 credits, non-yearly, consult department)
MUS 214 - Piano Pedagogy
This course is designed to prepare students for studio teaching by introducing the fundamental principles of private teaching, knowledge of methods, and materials suitable for pre-school and elementary school level students as well as to provide a broad understanding and perspective on piano teaching through teaching beginning students and observing professional teaching.(2 credits, alternate years, consult department)
MUS 215 - Survey of Instrumental Literature
No course description available.
MUS 216 - Survey of Piano Literature
MUS 219 - Survey of Choral Literature
No course description available.
MUS 220 - Survey of Vocal Literature
MUS 222 - Survey of Organ Literature
This course is a survey of organ literature suitable for use in churches and future teaching purposes. Students interested in organ pedagogy are advised to take MUS214.(1 credit, alternate years, consult department)
MUS 302 - Advanced Conducting
This course is designed to further develop the student's basic conducting skills. The student will learn how to interpret stylistically the intentions of a composer and how to rehearse effectively. Compositions for band, choir and orchestra are studied. Included in the course are studies in score preparation, clef reading, transposition, rehearsal techniques, and error detection.Prerequisite: MUS301.(3 credits, alternate years, consult department)
MUS 303 - Orchestration
No course description available.

Total credits recommended: 18


Students take MUS325 twice; the first recital in the junior year or after four semesters of study.

Vocal majors must substitute MUS217, Vocal Pedagogy for MUS312, Counterpoint; and MUS218, Vocal Diction for MUS398, Directed Study.