Korey Van Wyk Professor of Practice of Kinesiology; Associate Director of Athletic Performance

KoreyVan Wyk

M.S., University of Nebraska-Lincoln
B.A., Central College

Rowenhorst Student Center, 137

Korey Van Wyk earned a bachelor’s degree in strength and conditioning from Central College in Pella and a master’s in nutrition and exercise from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. He previously served as a teaching assistant at the University of Nebraska, helped conduct research at Iowa State University and Metabolic Technologies Inc., and worked as a personal trainer and coach at Elite Edge Gym in Waukee, Iowa.

KIN115 - Personalized Physical Fitness

Prerequisite: KIN101(1 credit)

KIN215 - Principles of Personal Training

(3 credits)(Alternate years; consult department) Introductory knowledge and practice in the area of personal fitness training, focusing on the principles of client consultation, goal-setting, screening and risk-stratification, education-based client training, exercise program development, facility management, and liability. Prerequisites: KIN 115 and 180.

KIN233 - Anatomical Kinesiology

The study of human movement based on anatomical and mechanical principles. Emphasis is placed on the application of these principles in the analysis of human sports performance. Prerequisite: BIO102, 115, 121 or permission of the instructor. (3 credits)

KIN281 - Practicum in Strength and Conditioning I

KIN370 - Human Nutrition for Health Care Professions

The study of the fundamental principles of normal nutrition and the importance of nutrition in promoting growth and health. Emphasis will be given to the basic food constituents and their physiological relationships within the body. Consideration will also be given to family and community needs across the lifespan.Prerequisites: CHE101/102 or CHE111/112, BIO121/122 or BIO221/222.(3 credits)

Elite Edge Gym Coach, Waukee, IA

Research Assistant, Iowa State University

Metabolic Technologies Inc. Lab Assistant, Ames, IA

Teaching Assistant, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

National Strength and Conditioning Association

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Alumni Association Early Achiever Award - 2018