The Spanish minor is designed so you may begin the study of the language as a first-semester freshman and still complete the minor on Northwestern’s campus. However, summer study opportunities are available and are recommended for all minors. If you are majoring in humanities, you may elect to have Spanish as your secondary discipline. The Spanish minor satisfies state teaching endorsement requirements in Spanish. You must also complete the requirements of the secondary education program. See the education department website for more information.

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Minor requirements

SPA 202 - Intermediate Spanish Language and Culture
Combined study of intermediate language and culture. Study of primary sources in print, audio and visual forms to develop appreciation for the ways culture in general and the language's culture in particular shape a variety of social contexts. Building on previously acquired ability in Spanish, continued study of language in a communicative context with considerable emphasis upon precision and expansion of linguistic skills.Prerequisite: SPA201, or placement by the foreign language placement exam.(3 credits)
SPA 311 - Advanced Spanish Conversation *
The main goal of this course is to improve oral communication, which includes speaking as well as listening, comprehension. Since successful communication also involves cultural awareness of the Spanish speaker's feelings, thoughts and attitudes, part of this course involves studying sources of these important underlying constructs.Prerequisite: SPA202 or equivalent proficiency.(1 credit)
SPA 312WI - Advanced Grammar and Composition
(3 credits)(Writing intensive) Advanced development of writing skills and a review of difficult grammar concepts. Students will be expected to write in a variety of contexts. Emphasis will be on the writing process. The majority of the assignments will be completed in steps including multiple drafts. Additionally, students will be expected to review grammar and complete some grammar exercises. Note: Taught in Spanish. Prerequisite: SPA 202 or equivalent proficiency.
SPA 314 - Introduction to Reading Hispanic Literature
Advanced development of reading skills and strategies and an introduction to Hispanic literature and literary topics. Students will learn how to effectively read a literary text in Spanish. Attention will be paid to strategies for understanding context through vocabulary and grammar recognition. Additionally students will be introduced to the literary genres and cultural contexts of the texts they study as well as pertinent critical commentary.Prerequisite: SPA202 or equivalent proficiency.(3 credits)
Choose one course: 3
SPA 351 - Survey of Hispanic Literature from Spain
A study of peninsular Spanish literature from El Cid to the present. Emphasis upon major literary movements and their representative masterpieces. Prerequisite: SPA314 or permission of instructor. (3 credits, alternate years, consult department)
SPA 352 - Survey of Hispanic Literature from the Americas
A study of Spanish Latin-American literature from the colonial period to the present. Emphasis upon major literary movements and their representative masterpieces. Prerequisite: SPA314 or permission of instructor. (3 credits, alternate years, consult department)
Electives: 10-12
GEN 350CC - Topics in Cross-Cultural Studies
Northwestern College offers a variety of off-campus opportunities with Northwestern faculty in various countries around the world. These courses offer a unique opportunity for students to make the world their classroom, going beyond the confines of the traditional classroom. Students are given an opportunity to examine a particular culture through various experiences, such as home stays, ethnographic observation/research, and placement in various social institutions. Past programs have taken students to Austria, China, the Czech Republic, France, Great Britain, Ecuador, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Jamaica, Mexico, Oman, Romania, Russia, South Africa, and Taiwan. (2-6 credits; summer; may be repeated) (NWCore option under Cross-Cultural Engagement) (Note: Open to all students.)

Total credits required: 25-27


* 1 credit course, taken 3 different semesters.

Students may substitute GEN350 for SPA351 or SPA352 by completing a course substitution form, obtaining the appropriate signatures and submitting it to the Registrar’s Office.