Elevate Leadership

Elevate Leadership Continue the Summit conversation

Cost is $149 for 8 sessions First Thursday, October through May | 8 a.m. to noon

Participating in the Global Leadership Summit can leave you feeling inspired—and overwhelmed. How can you remember and then act on everything you learn from the Summit’s world-class faculty? One way to sustain the inspiration and reach implementation is by regularly discussing insights and strategies with others committed to exceptional leadership.

Elevate Leadership, hosted by Northwestern's Franken Leadership Center, continues the learning and conversations begun at the Global Leadership Summit. Gather with a small group of other area leaders to learn, discuss, brainstorm, network and receive encouragement. Exercise your leadership development “muscles” so they don’t atrophy between this year’s Summit and next.

Elevate Leadership sessions

OCT 5 NOV 2 DEC 7 JAN 4 FEB 1 MAR 1 APR 5 MAY 3 


  • Contact
  • Dr. Sandi Altena, director
  • Franken Leadership Center
  • sandra.altena@nwciowa.edu
  • 712-707-7254