Trey Harms ’22 Admissions Counselor


Aberdeen, South Dakota

Aberdeen Christian High School; Aberdeen Central High School; Northwestern College, bachelor’s degree in Spanish

Favorite restaurant 
Might depend on the day, but I think Waffle House wins this one. I’m a huge fan of breakfast food, and their prices don’t break the bank either. I’ve only been there a handful of times, but every time has been late at night, on a great trip down south, and provided great memories for me—the good food being an added bonus, of course.

Favorite place to visit 
The country of Costa Rica—and not the beach, surprisingly enough, but the central valley. After my times abroad, I have friends who I love to visit in several different cities and towns, and I love the culture that’s present everywhere. Aside from the people, some of my favorite things about visiting Costa Rica are the food, lifestyle, art and language. It’s no doubt a beautiful country as well, but I think the value of visiting can run a lot deeper than that.

When I travel ... 
I love looking for disc golf courses that I’ve never been to. It’s a fun way to get outside, exercise, explore and do something competitive all at the same time! And it’s something I enjoy doing both with friends and when travelling solo.

In my free time ...  
I love taking pictures—sports, nature ... just about anything, really. I enjoy the challenge and success of composing a great photo. I also like to read, play sports, work out, learn new things, and spend time with friends.