Lucas Heiberger ’18 Admissions Marketing and Event Strategist


Lyons, South Dakota

Tri-Valley High School; Northwestern College, bachelor’s degree in communications

My family
I was born and raised in the South Dakota countryside to a family that enjoys everything from a round of cards to cliff jumping into a backcountry lake. Being the youngest of four, I have the privilege of being uncle to 10 nieces and nephews, which is pretty rad. All the fun; none of the responsibility.

A trip I’d like to take
It’s always been a cheesy bucket list dream of mine to tour across the Australian outback in a jeep while listening to “Down Under” by Men At Work.

Favorite band
Call me old school, but I love the band DC Talk. Having three older siblings who spent their teens in the ’90s, I was raised on some classic “Jesus Freak” and “Supernatural” jam-outs. I’m still holding out for a reunion tour.

A fun fact
You pick: I can yodel. And in high school, my team of four competed in the VEX Robotics World Championships in Anaheim, California.

Best thing about Northwestern
Friday nights. On a small-town Iowa college campus, you never know what this community will come up with for fun. Sand volleyball tournament under the lights, lava tag at the park downtown, prank-war-turned-scavenger-hunts that end in free pizza, or giant slip-and-slides. It’s all happened—and that’s only scratching the surface.