Jordyn Kooima ’18 Assistant Director of Admissions


Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Sioux Falls Christian High School; Northwestern College, bachelor’s degree in psychology; presently enrolled in master’s degree program through Capella University

My family
Both of my parents graduated from NWC, so I ended up carrying on the family tradition when I enrolled as well. My husband and I met at Northwestern and got married a year after we graduated. He is currently working with the basketball team as an assistant coach.

Favorite place to visit
Bozeman, Montana. I grew up skiing in that area and love the mountains. I feel the most refreshed and connected in my relationship with God when I’m outdoors. That often involves walking, running, hiking, or simply watching the sunset.

Fun fact
I’m a big Marvel fan! During COVID, I re-watched all of the Marvel movies in chronological order. I’ve also enjoyed their new streaming series. Also, I love plants. I started buying succulents for my dorm room in college, and my plant collection has only grown since then!

Favorite thing about Orange City
The downtown area. I enjoy shopping at the local boutiques and stopping in the cute bakeries and coffee shops that line Central Avenue. There are always fun events going on, and I love the charming, small-town feel.

My college search advice
Going to college is a big transition, and it’s OK if you don’t have everything figured out! Our admissions staff will help you through your college search process, and once you get to Northwestern, you’ll be supported and encouraged as you learn, grow and discern where God is calling you.