Grace Spencer ’21 Admissions Counselor


Lyndon, Kansas

Lyndon High School; Tabor College; Northwestern College, bachelor’s degree in theatre

My family
My family is alphabetical! From oldest to youngest, it goes: Angela, Brian, Cara, David, Elaina, Flint and Grace. If you ever need to remember the names of the entire Spencer family, that’s how!

A trip I’d like to take 
Somewhere I really want to visit is New Orleans. I would love to experience the music and the food. One of my favorite things is listening to jazz, and I’ve always wanted to try gumbo and jambalaya, so it seems like the perfect place to be.

Fun fact 
I was an athlete all through high school. I did power lifting, volleyball, cross country and track. My favorite was definitely pole vaulting during track season, and I actually placed at state a couple times. Just don’t ask what any of my PR’s were, especially for power lifting. Believe it or not, they weren’t actually that impressive.

Favorite place on Northwestern’s campus  
The theatre building! As a theatre major, I essentially lived there. I have countless memories in that building—from getting ready in the dressing rooms, to performing in the theatres, to playing silly games with the Black V improv team. So much of my college experienced happened in that building that it definitely has a special place in my heart.

College search advice   
Don’t let anyone downplay what a big decision it is. Often people think they’re helping by saying, “You’ll look back on this in five years and realize that it wasn’t as huge as you’re making it out to be.” I say, embrace that it is a big, weighty decision and let that lead you to lots of prayer about the decision. Also, pay attention to what kind of people your potential future professors are. Are they experts in their fields? Do they respect you? Are they good people? Those are things that will define your entire college experience.